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Thousands Of Pregnancies Are Lost In Car Accidents Every Year

  • ❌ Over 170,000 pregnant women experience car accidents every year
  • ❌ Over 3,000 pregnancies are lost from car accidents every year 

Traditional car seatbelts pose a threat to the pregnant mother's safety. During an accident, the extreme force exerted onto your belly from the lap belt will be extremely harmful to the unborn baby inside you. For expectant mothers the seat belt in its original design, does more harm than good. 


Why get the MimiBelt?

MimiBelt is a legally made seatbelt adjuster and unlike traditional vehicle seatbelts, it has been designed to ensure the safety of expectant mothers and their baby whilst on the road through the use of a 3-point lap sash.

Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster – Pitch Bloom


The MimiBelt™ redirects the lap belt away from the belly, securing the seat belt on the legs (not across the lower belly where it can injure your unborn baby). It eliminates the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or traffic accident. 

Can be fitted into all legally registered vehicles car seats - it transforms the standard seatbelt into a 3-point seatbelt (lap-sash), allowing for a comfortable drive whilst ensuring the safety of yourself and the growing baby.


Is MimiBelt Safe?

Through multiple design iteration improvements and crash-tests, the MimiBelt™ has shown that it reduces the chances of lost pregnancies in car accidents by over 82.7% compared to regular traditional seatbelts.


While using the MimiBelt Seatbelt Adjuster for Pregnancy, the seat belt does not press the belly and it is not necessary to adjust it repeatedly, which provides the expectant mother with comfortable driving. It can also be used by people with abdominal obesity, after abdominal surgery and after a caesarean section operation.


Crash-tested and approved for legally registered vehicles in the following countries:

  •  Australia
  •  New Zealand
  •  Canada
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United States



  • Safe and Comfortable - The MimiBelt positions the seatbelt across the legs, instead of over the belly. This eliminates the discomfort for growing bellies. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on the road, as well as pregnant passengers to ride safely and more comfortably.
  • Easy To Use - No extra steps involved in fastening and securing your seatbelt. All you have to do is securely install the MimiBelt once for all-day everyday use!
  • Free Sized - The MimiBelt can be fastened tightly in a car seat, it's not movable, and no matter your size, it works!
  • Perfect for Recovery - Anyone who has just gone through an abdominal surgery, stomach surgery, or caesarean section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound.


Easy Installation Instructions

  • 1: The adjuster's belt should be put in the gap between the seat and the backrest
  • 2: Then the belt should be moved underneath the seat. Make sure that the belt is not twisted
  • 3: The end of the belt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle
  • 4: The belt should be tightened strongly by pulling it downwards


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this product legal and safe?

Answer: The MimiBelt has been lab-tested and certified for safety - reduces force of impact on the belly by over 82.7% and is legal to use in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom & United States.

Question: Will this become loose on my seat?

Answer: The MimiBelt is extremely adjustable to 99% of stock vehicle car seats. Made with premium and the most durable materials to keep our mama's safe. The new design now has 55% more tensile strength to keep you & your baby safe in case of high impact accidents.

Question: I have had surgery near my abdomen and it's really sensitive, will this be of any benefit to me?

Answer: Yes! Although the MimiBelt was made for our Mama's going through pregnancy. This belt can be used for all purposes due to it's design and is very suitable for anyone with larger or sensitive bellies due to any medical operations.

Question: What if it doesn't fit or work for me?

Answer: We're incredibly confident you'll love our safety belt. But if you aren't satisfied with the product for whatever reason, we'll provide you a full refund - no ifs, or buts.

Question: Can I get a discount if I order more than one?

Answer: Yes you can, for a limited time we are running an offer where we will provide a 10% (2 pieces) or 20% (3+ pieces) discount on your order when you purchase more than 1 piece.




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