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MimiBelt™ - Pregnancy Belly Band

MimiBelt™ - Pregnancy Belly Band

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Ease the physical strains and discomforts of pregnancy

check_circle Support during pregnancy and postpartum journey

check_circle Adjustable so that one size fits all

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MimiBelt™ - Belt Extender - MimiBelt

MimiBelt™ - Belt Extender

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MimiBelt™ - Pregnancy Belly Band - MimiBelt

MimiBelt™ - Pregnancy Belly Band

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What is the Belly Band?

Alleviates discomfort throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and postoperative recovery. By gently lifting and redistributing weight, it aids in posture support and muscle relief.

Ideal for:

✔ Postpartum Tummy Support
✔ C-Section Recovery
✔ Lower Back Pain
✔ Sciatica Pain
✔ Sacroiliac Pelvic Pain (Spd)
✔ Umbilical Pregnancy Hernia

  • One Size Fits All

    Made from high-quality cotton, it's incredibly soft and gentle on the body you can wear all day & night comfortably.

  • Stretchy and Durable

    Elasticized for flexible and knitted for durability, it can be stretched to fit the growing belly throughout all stages of the pregnancy.

  • Lightweight and Breathable

    The material is latex free and mesh it can be stretched to fit the growing belly throughout all stages of the pregnancy.

    What Makes Belly Band Special

    Find out why you should choose MimiBelt's Pregnancy Belly Band.


    TGA Registered

    One Size Fits All

    Made in US

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this size right for me?

    The Pregnancy Belly band is a one-size fits most band that spans 110cm in length and can stretch up to 30cm.

    When can I start wearing the Pregnancy Belly Band?

    The Pregnancy Belly band is designed for use from the start of your pregnancy.

    My belly is growing. Can I wear the same sized band towards the end of my pregnancy?

    Absolutely! The band can stretch up to 30cm and is designed with a special type of velcro in which you can stretch or tighten as much as necessary to get the right amount of compression and support throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

    It should be worn over the lower part of your abdomen which does not change much in volume as compared to the centre of the abdomen.

    How long should I wear the belly band?

    Doctors recommend that you take a half-hour break every 3-4 hours of wearing the band.

    Can I sit or lie down while wearing the belly band?

    You can sit in our belly band, but we recommend loosening it slightly before sitting down. Medical experts do not recommend lying down in a belly band, thus, we recommend taking off the belt when you are lying down.

    How do I wash the band?

    We recommend hand-washing with a small amount of soap and warm water.

    Is there a guarantee?

    Try it risk-free

    If you’re not satisfied for any reason, Our 30-day money back guarantee covers you with a 100% refund.

    This means you can try the MimiBelt for a month, and if you don't love it you get your money back.